Info and Rates

Reasonable Rates and Excellent Results

The fishing trip of a lifetime, for a price you can afford!

The Outcast can take up to 4 passengers, and children are always welcome. Capt. Scott’s affordable rates, which include all fuel, tackle, bait, ice, etc., are as follows:

Time People Price
1/2 day (5 hour) 3 people $450.00
1/2 day 4 people $500.00
full day 3 people $650.00
full day 4 people $700.00
Shark Trips (Night Time)
4 hours up to 4 $400.00

Reservation Policy

  • A deposit of $200 is required to book a trip. This can be in form of a cash payment or backed by simply providing a credit card number. No charge is placed on the card unless cancel with less than 5 days notice or do not show.
  • Excellent Service by your captain customarily yields a 15-20% tip
  • If weather or a personal emergency keeps Outcast Sportfishing Charters from being able to provide charter services you will be refunded your full deposit or provided with a rescheduling option

Fishing Styles

The type of fishing for the day is determined by weather conditions and your personal preferences. Fishing options include:

  • light tackle
  • bottom fishing
  • trolling
  • live baiting
  • fly-fishing

Boat Ramps

Directions to the boat launch

Jetti Maritime Ramp

300 Christopher Columbus Dr
Cape Canaveral, Fl 32920

Freddie Patrick Park

9050 Flounder St.
Port Canaveral, FL 32920

What We Provide

We provide quality fishing rods and reels designed for sight casting, trolling and bottom fishing. We keep the perfect balance so you get a great fight and are not in danger of losing a fish because of being under geared.

  • Star Rod and Rodmaker Shop custom rods
  • Shimano reels (Spheros, Baitrunner D, and Socorro
  • Power Pro and 100% Fluorocarbon leaders


  • Water, lots of fresh water
  • High protein snacks and crackers

What You Need to Bring

  • Polarized glasses
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Broad rim hat – the bigger the better
  • Sun block
  • waterproof windbreaker
  • High traction shoe


  • Let us know the number of children and their ages
  • If you have fitting life vest for children you may want to bring those. Our life vests are USCG approved, but bulky.
  • We love to have kids aboard the Outcast and work really hard to make sure that their first memories of ocean fishing are great ones.


Weather Cancellations / Short Days

If these is a small craft advisory, we cannot in good faith take our customers off shore. Safety comes first on the water. In this case you can re-book your trip for another time. The captain will work with you to try and meet your time requirements.

Weather shortened days will be pro-rated to the customer.

Now you Know, So Let’s Go