Target Fish

These are some of the favorite fish to target when you are aboard the Outcast. Half day and full day trips see these species brought over the side at the right time of year.


Bottom Fishing

Minimum size limit: 12″ total length
Closed season: None
Daily recreation bag limit: 10 per harvester per day

Caught year round in most Brevard County coastal waters, autumn marks the ‘prime time’ for doormat season inside of the Ports and Sebastian inlets. However, Scott does excellent summer time doormat fishing off the reefs within 30 miles of Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. This makes for a welcome treat when most are waiting for winter to mark flattie fishing time.

Starting in early November each year local flounder fisherman keep watch for the first major cold fronts to pass through the Space Coast which triggers the annual fall flounder run. When conditions are right this time of year can be extremely productive for large fish. Captain Scott Lum has fished the Port for decades and has studied the patterns of these fish. With a successful track record on the Outcast you are sure to have a good time with these big flatties.

Cobia (ling)

Top WaterBottom

Minimum size limit: 33″ fork
Closed season: None
Daily recreation bag limit: 1 per harvester or 6 per vessel per day whichever is less
Remarks: Must remain in whole condition until landed ashore (heads, fins, and tails intact).

These large predators provide great excitement because they can be sight-fished near shore, and are often seen gathering around flotsam, marine debris and driftwood. In addition to this, they are also found using manta rays as shelter to ambush prey.

Cobia are especially revered off the Space Coast of Florida, especially Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Sebastian. Starting in March Port Canaveral experiences the spring cobia run where you’ll see hundreds of boats staggered on the waters less than 3 miles from shore. The summer months are the time to find the great sportfish on the reefs. An exciting and tasty fish indeed. These qualities make it a highly targeted fish.


Mid ColumnBottom

Minimum size limit: 15″ total length
Closed season: None
Daily recreation bag limit: 2 per harvester per day

Port Canaveral – Tripletail Hot Spot

The Central East Coast of Florida is a unique place for tripletail. This area holds 12 out of 19 IGFA world records. They spawn twice a year: April, May, June and again in October, November and December. As a previous IGFA record holder, Scott gets on these hard fighting and superior tasting fish regularly. A must have experience!


Bottom Fishing

Great Grouper fishing is found about an hour away from Orlando, out of Port Canaveral. Drifting reefs when currents are light and bottom fishing with jigs and live bait is productive. Here are the limits:

Minimum Size Limit Daily Bag Limit Closed Season
Gag 24″TL up to 1 Gag or Black within the grouper aggregate Jan. 1-April 30
Red 20″ TL

up to 3 within the 3 grouper aggregate

Scamp, Yellowfin, Yellowmouth

Mackeral, King (Kingfish)

Top Watertrolling

Minimum size limit: 24″ fork
Closed season: None
Daily recreation bag limit: 2 per harvester per day

During the summer king mackerel spawn along the beaches. Scott takes advantage of this on the Outcast. Using live bait on these “Smokers” is productive and an exhilarating way to fish. King fish are strong, fast and put up a heck of a fight. A lot of meat is produced of one of these fish and it is great pan seared, grilled or smoked.


Bottom Fishing
Snapper is one of the prime bottom fish targets. Red snapper is one of the favorites on the outboard.

Fish Season Size Limit Bag Limit
Red Snapper Atlantic : Year Round minimum: 20″ 2 per harvester
Mangrove Snapper Atlantic : Year Round minimum: 10″ 5 per harvester
Mutton Snapper Atlantic : Year Round minimum: 16″ 10 per harvester
Lane Snapper Atlantic : Year Round minimum: 8″ 10 per harvester
Cubera Snapper Atlantic : Year Round minimum: 12″ 10 per harvester